goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

this year was a great one! so many amazing memories, experiences and adventures. this post could be incredibly long if i were to name them ALL so instead i will just highlight a few…

{it’s still long so grab your favorite beverage of choice & enjoy…}

i happily turned thirty-five

…the kiddo’s were sucker’s for valentine’s day!

i made these invitations…

for a very special girl who became a teenager, with a ♥ teen-y ♥ party!

one of my best craft projects of 2011 was definitely the famous-d-i-y-chandelier!

in april, i was totally honored to participate in Justin Hackworth’s 30 Strangers photography exhibit. Especially since it coincided with the year we moved away from my mom. these photos will always be dear to me…

that same month, my typical tuesday was shown here. it might exhaust you!

at the end of april, kj helped me make these:

because he turned 8! {see here.}

…the easter bunny was super-sneaky when it showed up at night! leaving flashlights for an after-dark egg hunt!!!

in early may, we announced our exciting adventure! the rhodes were moving to Boston!!! our home in utah had an offer on it, we sold husband’s hummer for a city car. we sorted, organized, and packed for months as we prepared for a the yard sale of the century, and… took a trip to Boston in search of our future home…

we had many loving, farewell parties to say our good-byes to utah and all of those we love so dearly. here, here, here, here, and here! …one of the biggest farewells was our trip to southern utah. we spent a weekend in zions, enjoying the southern utah beauty before heading east —

days before our big move, we seriously downsized.

thank you, again, to everyone who supported our lemonade – yard sale!

{and then my blog went private. ::boo:: i missed you all, so much!}

in the midst of this chaos, i made our first blog book, and gave it to husband for father’s day – i’m hoping to finish one of these each year.

{and then – i took six weeks off of blogging! ::gasp!:: sorry ’bout that.}

during that long blogging break – we found a painted lady to live in, in the most charming of charming neighborhoods in boston. the home is complete with a tree swing!

we have lots of space for guests, and hope all our family & besties will come visit while we are in new england! {we have NO IDEA how long we’ll stay…}

if you ask big papi, the numero uno highlight of this year, was taking our entire family to a sox game. it was magical.

our little man went to red sox baseball camp – TWICE! he’s already requested to go EVERY week in summer ’12, he makes his papi truly happy by being such a loyal fan.

a total bonus to moving to boston that we never thought about before moving… the BEACHES!

seriously. we had no idea they would be so incredible!

in early october, our baby girl turned 5! it’s crazy that our youngest is not so little anymore. makes me a little sad. {but i also love the freedom of having kids grow-up!} since our move, we are having family birthday parties only for one year. starting with miss five, she requested a homemade barbie cake, an american girl doll, and a fun day centered around her. it was all her heart desired…

one goal of living back east is to travel/sight-see/tour as much as possible! so, our first mini trip was to washington d.c. in october. we had a warm weekend filled with sunshine, monuments, and family. it was perfect! we might go back in the spring for cherry blossoms & georgetown…

boston does halloween right! we headed to salem for the witches festival; we were ghosts & we handed out ghost treats!

continuing into fall in new england, we headed to an apple orchard. because that’s what you do out here, you pick apples! the kiddos loved it, and we made as many recipes as we could with our abundance of apples. also, my apple peeler-corer-slicer just seemed to stay on the kitchen counter 24 hours a day for two weeks. i loved it.

husband had a busy, busy year. he spent 27 weeks traveling for work away from home, the most he has ever been away from us. and, we miss him dearly when he’s gone. because of this, we have a little system where we all take turns going to the philipines with him. it gives us time with him & it helps him be less homesick on a few of his trips.

in November, i went with him & while we were there, we celebrated his birthday with friend in boracay. it was just like the pictures look – beautiful.

our thanksgiving was warm & cozy & our hearts were filled with gratitude as we shared the holiday with friends. and what does one do on thanksgiving in massachusetts? you visit plimoth, of course!

and, to celebrate christmas, we made our annual pilgrimage to mexico. with our dear, dear friends, the blands.

after christmas, myla moosey turned twelve! in proper myla fashion

an amazing year indeed. heres to making 2012 even better!

for the last few days of the year, we have driven from boston to new york city, for the first time. ten minutes after we pulled into new york city, husband rear-ended a guy, then got a parking ticket. all in an hour! here’s hoping he’s not in jail by the new year!!! ha!

…we will be watching the ball drop right dab in the middle of times square.
it’s all a part of our adventure!


what are you doing for new years? watching the ball drop on tv? {look for us!}

…and, come back tomorrow to read all about my plans for 2012!

what are YOU going to do?


2 responses to “goodbye 2011, hello 2012!”

  1. i grabbed myself a crystal light energy and enjoyed your year in review!! It’s perfect and i love the re cap. i may do it on my blog to remember the highlights! Have so much fun in NEW YORK! I will look for you and maybe live out the new year on NEW YORK time! hahaha

    Happy New year!!!

  2. None of this would ever happen without a dedicated, organized, ultra great planner like you. The “I wish I was…” people are those that don’t get it done like you! You decide what you want to do today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and you plan it out! You schedule what needs to be scheduled and you accomplish it! You, my baby, are my greatest example of how to get the job done!! cheahs and kisses!

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