good times, good friends…

are in the plans.

but right this minute: sleep is inconvenient. i always stay up waaaayyy too late, it’s the only way to Get Stuff Done. i’m considering starting a movement…the Secret Sleepless Society. and sara, she can be a founding member with myself.

i’m currently taking a mind break. between last week and this week i am about to take my second art history test, tomorrow. waaaayyy too much information to be memorized in such close periods of time.

the bright side? as soon as i finish the two-and-a-half-hour-essay-exam, i will be on my way to a lovely weekend with my husband. we are leaving the little people home. {uh-huh.} and, we will be amongst incredible friends, celebrating a dear dear friends FORTIETH birthday.
{lots of pictures to share next week, i’m sure.}

this is just the beginning, the next decade is going to whisk in lots of FORTIETH celebrations! luckily, not mine for some time 😉

thinking of time…

it’s time to put my mind back to work – 13 more days till my summer classes are finished.

truly, i am loving every second of school, sleep deprived.

have a lovely weekend!After all, we’re only the sum of our thoughts, right? Love this cheery little print by Studio Mela.

4 responses to “good times, good friends…”

  1. Is that weekend here already? FUN!
    I am sure you will need this sweet little vaca, especially in warmer weather…

  2. I hope you get to catch up on some sleep during your little weekend getaway. Can't wait to see where you've gone. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Vegas sounds awesome! Since you are already sleep deprived, I have one more thing for you to add to your plate when you come home. Call me after your vacation!

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