Good Things Utah segment…

{{{Dusty}}} click here to check it out.

4 responses to “Good Things Utah segment…

  1. I missed the live segment, but watched the web version and WOAH!!! You look super hot! Can’t wait to see “Jane’s How to have hottie abs after 4 kids” segment on GTU. Keep us posted on when to watch…

  2. I would have to say that you looked Smokin Hot! Wow! Your hair looked amazing!!Ha ha ( yes I can do monday)

  3. Hey Jane, Thanks so much for doing that to my pictures. I was being a complete idiot last night and couldn’t get my pictures to stay croped. I was getting mad and decided to just leave them as is. That would be awesome if you would e-mail them to me.

  4. Hooray for technology – I’m so glad I got to watch this on the web!
    Of course you looked amazing and you didn’t appear to be ONE BIT nervous. How do we get you back on the show for a diet and abs segment? I was chuckling when the host was all, “you guys aren’t moms are you?” he he.

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