for the past few years, i have had one vintage-inspired,
sporty-shoe brand on my brain…


what i love about Gola…
is i truly admire originality.
i have a big desire to try & be somewhat authentic…

Gola totally understand that.

unfortunately, where i live, they are hard to find…

this shop has them occasionally,

and husband has found them in asia while traveling…

BUT, now….

there’s a {new shop} in town carrying them, too!

i couldn’t believe my eyes.
you can always find them online. the only downfall of ordering Gola online,

is the sizing can be tricky.
i’ve found that none of the shoes/sizes are consistent…

i’m warning you…you’re gonna love ’em!!!

speed click here.
{miss twelve is dying over these}

me, sportin’ my latest…

i also love tretorn, you can find them in Provo at ‘called to surf’ too!!!
jcrew carries them occasionally…

myla has a pair of the kids tretorns in a mustard yellow,
they are a-DOR-able…
for the ladies, check these out!
for the guys… lookie here!

4 responses to “Gola”

  1. HA! I have to go there! The owners of CTS are some of my parents friends since before we were all born. Their kids are my cousins best friends. We all grew up together!

  2. soooooo funny. We were in NYC, meeting with Theory about possibly doing a Tretorn colab, and I stopped a guy in the street to ask him about his awesome shoes-they were totally Gola's!
    Tretorn makes some fabulous stuff-you would actually adore their little store in SoHo, next time you are in New York you should stop in (not just saying that because I opened that store!).

    p.s. THANK YOU for fixing my margins!!! made my epic video post a million times better. And for sure I will send some more tunes your way-AND congrats to Kiana on the dance show!!! So much awesome!!

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