a little bit of history on Dusty…. He grew up in Southern Nevada, hence, no professional sports teams. As a kid he watched the show and liked Sam Malone {the bartender who was an ex RED SOX pitcher] just enough that he adopted ALL of the Boston teams as his faves…which makes this a pretty great year for him. Which also, in return, makes this a happy year for us, when he’s happy, we’re happy.

But, we are tailgating without Dusty today, he was up at dawn to leave for the Philippines, he didn’t know he booked this trip on Superbowl Sunday and then once he realized it – there was no way to change it… So, here we are…in our New England shirts without the Big Papi of our family…
p.s.p.s.s. GO CELTICS!

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  1. Dusty must have been very unhappy last night! The streets were crazy here last night after the game. Screaming and honking going on all night long!

  2. Hi Jane,
    I got the fabric from The Corn Wagon Quilt Shop in Springville, my fave. Although I’ve heard great things about American Quilting I’ve never actually been there. The minky is this super plush cuddly fabric that I put on the back side. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. All of the quilt shops carry it. You would love it! Oh and we did choose a name….Hudson. I think it’s perfect. I hope you had a great anniversary and a fun weekend. Lots of love!

  3. Awesome Blog Sugar! I appreciate the support. Geez… I feel like I’m serving in the military having to reply about my family’s blog and not being there. That must suck for those guys! Hats off for Shizzle! Anyway, loved seeing everyone decked in te Pats stuff… sad loss… 18-1… Go Sox… SOLDIERS RULE!

  4. SO cute! The game was so Awesome! We are huge ANYTHING BOSTON fans, and Cory was totally into the Patriots until Eli Manning came into Play! So we were Excited about the NY Giants win!
    Thats ok, Everyone else is doing Fabulous!
    LOVE Sela’s Leggings! hehe
    She couldn’t be any cuter!
    p.s. Check out the New Shabby Baby, it’s so cute.

  5. I can’t believe that Dusty missed the game! It was sweet! I do feel bad for the Pats for ruining their perfect season but we were pulling for Eli and the Giants. How awesome that he and his brother are back-to-back Super Bowl champs?! That’s like every fathers dream, right?

  6. hey! i’m a friend of kelli, jenn and shannon (actually met you at chase’s baptistm), just wanted to stop in and say hi and that you have the cutest kids…i’m obsessed with your girls leggings!!!

  7. Jane-
    Outstanding post. It is my dream come true to have a house full of Farnsworths wearing patriots gear. I can’t believe Dusty didn’t hijack that plane back to Phoenix for the game. I’ve been a lifelong Patriots fan so I can’t even imagine missing this one. I love the “Big Papi” nickname you have given him. Thats good stuff.

  8. I love the shirts with the throwback logo! And seriously, where on earth did you find Sela’s shirt and leggings? So cute!
    I’m glad you told Dusty’s story of becoming a fan. Troy has a similar story and “adopted” several Boston teams (minus the Celtics) because there weren’t any in SLC. He is always afraid people will think he is just your typical bandwagon Patriots fan.

  9. your family is so cute, all matching! Good for you for still celebrating without a hubby, we girls can do sports too!

  10. I thought I had left a comment a long time ago… since I hadn’t I’m going to add to your blog traffic (maybe I was waiting to be a little less puffed up since the Giants one…) Love the comic!!

  11. Jane, Hey its Angie Holmes, now Wendel. I had to say hello, because ive looked at your blog and its to DIE for. This blog thing is new to me, and I finally did one. Hope all is well, and id love to hear from you. My blog add is ryandang.blogspot.com Hope to hear from you, Angie

  12. So so cute! Sorry you didn’t have a Party to wear them to… my fault… (Sorry I was such a loser!) I just needed to hibernate that weekend out… (although, now, hopefully you can understand why!) 🙂

    Next year! I promise! 🙂

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