go, bunny racers, go!

the supplies
mine, I had to use pink & reds, love those colors together!
Myla’s – hers was a train
KJ’s – Monster truck style, he doubled up his ho-ho’s!
We made these last night. I think they would be a great Easter classroom treat/activity for next week. The kids had fun making them, they each had their own twist on it.

*these are my first posted pictures from my new camera!! I’m thrilled with it. These were taken with my even newer lens, the 50mm-1.4, love it!!

8 responses to “go, bunny racers, go!”

  1. Soo soo cute! What a fun creative Mom you are! Just darling!

    AND I am so excited for your new camera! AND your new AWESOME lens! Lens envy… 🙂

  2. So fun and creative! Most people don’t think peeps are edible but oh, how I love them! A blue peep was Brady’s first official solid fod experience (mother of the year, I know).

  3. I love your playroom. It turned out so great! My favorites are the hot dog stand and the train station. What a fun place for kids.

  4. Actually I can’t really say which parts are my fave. It’s all pretty amazing. It must have taken a lot of time.

  5. So cute! Thanks for the idea. I think I’ll have to throw a quick party together for my boys’ classes before I go to Cali on Thursday.

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