dinner and a movie. maybe one of my favorite combinations…

girlfriends, food, and entertainment.

“ghosts of girlfriends past,”

does anyone NOT think matthew mcconaughey is kinda attractive? this movie has it’s raunchy moments, but it’s still goooood.ha! shannon and I wore nearly identical outfits…

6 responses to “gno…”

  1. bahahahah…. we are so cute!! I love our gno’s!
    Matthew is seriously beautiful!
    p.s. i am stealing that picture!

  2. You too must be great friends, and you both look really cute in your matching outfits even if you didn’t plan it! Hope you guys are doing well, the weather up there looks like it’s getting beautiful, too bad it’s already 100 or more here now, oh well! Happy Mother’s day almost.

  3. A night out with the girls is always the best! And Matthew…definitely easy on the eye!

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