gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, umbrellas, you name it…

we own it.

times six.


you know the shoe holders that go right over the back of a door?

they are a great organizing/space-saving tool, but a major eyesore if it’s hanging on the back of a bedroom door…

well, that eyesore is my favorite way to organize our families mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, goggles, umbrellas, toe warmers, sunglasses…in a closet…

in one spot! the best thing is that they are NOT all stuffed in a basket so you, your husband, or kids don’t have to DIG to find the matching gloves, or the one lost red mitten…

i love how functional this is…

and affordable!

and, if you look closely in my cleaning closet, you will spot a large supply of ‘quick shine.’ if you like shiny floors, this is the world’s BEST floor cleaner. i use it on all my tile, hardwood, etc and get endless compliments about how great my floors look. you can find it at most grocery stores, and always at wal*mart. It runs about $5 a bottle.

10 responses to “gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, umbrellas, you name it…”

  1. That is genius Jane!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! We have one of those for the kids shoes and I love it! I am definitely going to get some more for all of your tips-thank you!!

  2. Thanks for the Quick Shine tip!…it's hard for me to try something new without knowing if I'm going to like it. It made me smile when I saw your color progression. I do the same with my clothes.

  3. It was great seeing you guys! On my way home I was hit by an old grandpa! Third fender bender in less than a year. I must have a homing beacon for accidents! Love the organizer tip… before the boys left we were digging through baskets looking for gloves! I am going tomorrow to buy some. Also… love 'quick shine'. Oh, do you still have those two rooster pics? I think I want them…

  4. Oh, Jane.. How I do love you so! We were soooo meant to be friends. We were just cut from the very same cloth… 🙂

  5. Just what i need but don't really have closet doors to hang them, so im still pondering… haha

    You use quick shine on your tile too? totally going to try that one!

  6. Thanks for the organizing tip! I'm going to go buy some shoe organizers today and get some things organized! 🙂

    Do you know if you can use quick shine on slate floors? I'm always looking for something to make them shine more! Thanks!

  7. Jane, I love this post! I was so excited to see your door organizers because I do the same thing and I LOVE it!!! No more searching for hats, gloves, all that junk. Great minds think alike. 🙂 And thank you for the tip on Quick Shine. I bought some last week and my floors have NEVER looked better, not even when they were brand new. I used it on both my hard wood and slate and they look amazing. My husband, who never notices stuff like that, walked in and said, "WOW! What did you do to the floors?" Ahhh, I love those moments!

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