girls camp.

kiana has never been able to attend girls camp in utah because it’s been a conflict of dates with her june dance schedule prior to nationals each summer.

so after we arrived here in wellesley, and she found out the church girls camp was scheduled in august & she was invited – she was stoked!

i volunteered to carpool a few of the girls to camp, so i could see where kiana would be before kissing her goodbye for the week. the camp was nestled around a lake only 90 minutes away in new hampshire. we’re still getting used to things {states} being so close to one another out here. —

i was impressed with my daughter who would typically not choose to go camping! …turns out the small group of girls she bunked with got the best cabin because they didn’t have to share it with anyone else giving them extra space & they had their own bathroom/showers in their cabin. evidentally, everyone else had to walk to bathrooms farther away. this little detail alone could have made her week a success!  🙂

her only complaint after – she’s not fond of swimming in lakes, and they had to do a swim-test to pass something off… she said she just never stopped moving to make sure nothing in that lake touched her! so funny. she did like the daily kayaking.

and, camp was a great way to meet lots of new friends!

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