geography fair

KJ’s kindergarten class did a class project –
they have been participating in a postcard exchange across America and had a class display showing where the cards were sent to and received from.

KJ said he did South Carolina!
Myla chose Washington State – {to make her momma proud}

did you know the state fossil is a woolly mammoth? She had mammoth coloring sheets for the taking, along with Washington apple chips!
Kiana, with her Maori blood beating strong, chose New Zealand.
{to make her papa proud}

Because there are 4 million people and 60 million sheep {approximately}, she covered her display board with mini sheep…and had “RJ’s natural licorice” {from new zealand} for people to taste. She was particularly proud of her research and report. Our family is planning a New Zealand trip in the upcoming ’10 year, so kiana has personally chosen to focus on her heritage to learn more about the country and people before we travel. The 5th and 6th graders are also combining in a couple of weeks to do a school program on New Zealand. Kiana is proud of how well she has mastered the poi balls for the show and I cannot wait to see her on stage!

4 responses to “geography fair”

  1. Awesome projects! I love the treats too. We have been talking about a trip to New Zealand/Australia next year. We should coordinate! Miss you guys!

  2. I love what KJ’s class did. That is so cool.
    So fun for Kiana to learn so much about her heritage. I would love to go to New Zealand some day!

    Oh and their Projects were darling!!

  3. Your kids have awesome academic opportunities! Sometimes small towns have their disadvantages! I grew up in WA state too! I miss it so much!

    Thanks for letting me sneak another peek into your life!

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