furniture for sale

It is all in good condition.

If you are seriously interested, contact me:


we can negotiate a price.

{1 pine} king-size sleigh bed {bed is still available}
pillow-top box-spring/mattress set {sold}

{1} nightstand

{1} chest of drawers – this piece is pretty big.

{1 mahogany} king-size four-poster bed {sold}
{no box-spring/mattress available, only bed}

{2 matching} nightstands {sold}

{1 mahogany} armoire {sold}

{1 white} Pottery Barn desk with chair {sold}
a few stains/cracks on desk

{2 matching} cork boards {sold}

2 responses to “furniture for sale”

  1. Way cute Furniture…What are you doing, buying a new set for your bedroom?!

    If you happen to see twin beds that are so cute, let me know, i need Hayes and Olivia in a big bed now. I am still looking and i don’t know what i like really.

  2. Shoot! Looks like I missed out…big time! I would have LOVED that white desk and chair.

    Hopefully because you are busy selling stuff that means you get to do some redecorating?!? Fun!

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