fruit dip

there are a LOT of fruit dips out there, but for the past 12 years this is still my favorite.


2 pkgs cream cheese softened.
-if you need to soften the cream cheese, put it in a microwave safe dish, and pop it in for 30 seconds. it will be perfectly soft.

1 cup brown sugar
1 small package white chocolate pudding mix
16 ounces vanilla yogurt

mix all four ingredients together till smooth with no lumps. refrigerate till served.
serve with fruit, best choice – strawberries & fuji apples.
to keep your apples from turning brown, dip them quickly in lemon juice.

{this recipe comes from the kitchen of my bestie sara!}

9 responses to “fruit dip

  1. this is our favorite fruit dip too. I love it so much i can eat it by the spoonfuls.

    I love that we have so many of the same recipes… they must be all from you. haha

  2. Ohhhh…….growling of the stomach while at work….(which I guess also means I'm checking your blog while at work…shhhh)

  3. That sounds yummy! Our favorite right now is whipped cream cheese and marshmallow fluff. Its very tasty! I'm going to have to try your recipe!

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