friends & family

are one of the truest reasons to celebrate the holidays.
we so enjoy visits from people we have not seen in a long time!

Lucky for us, we have had a few this week!

Troy & Kajsa stopped by and spent an evening with us on the town- so great to see them and how we wish they lived closer!{our eyes are a bit glossy, since we had just shed a couple tears during “seven pounds”}

Dusty’s niece Amber {with whom he shares the same birthday,} her husband Ryan and new baby girl stopped in to stay the night and have breakfast with us! LOVE you all!
And we got to grab lunch with two ladies Dusty and I went to college with, Katie and Lisa. the entire meal we laughed – we need to get together MORE often!

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  1. We had so much fun with you two! Thanks again for the night out – it is rare that Troy and I both enjoy the same movie. And thanks for fulfilling all of my rice pudding fantasies 😉

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