it’s sela’s birthday.

the celebration of her birth day,

the single day, every year that is our day {and most often, in rhodes tradition, our week} to celebrate sela. for every blessed gift her life has given us. a day, that this over-reflective momma spends my day reminiscing, focusing on who she is, what i’ve learned from her, how i’ve changed, what i want for her,
and what she means to us.

we’ve had four years of nights with her warm little body pressed into our backs
as she breathes deeply and dreams.
{and also kicks, and snores, and hogs the entire bed}


four years of watching her, mentally taking notes that cuddling next to sela~bella all sandwiched up with her daddy is beautiful and perfect.

the fact that i am a giant heap of tears right now…because thinking about her, loving her, knowing her is my heaven. family is my church. and sela’s four little years have reaped invaluable happiness in this home…

watching her grow is an art. i know she was hand-picked for us, for her sisters, for her brother,
for our entire family.

four years ago, there were five of us anticipating sela’s arrival. me, husband, kiana, myla, and kj. {there were also a couple besties there}, we could not wait to meet our baby girl. one of my favorite pictures from her birth day is myla holding sela alexandra, moments after she was born.

…it was a day filled with magic,
just like every day since.

happy birthday sparkles,
you are going to do great things, miss four.

~one blessed momma.

10 responses to “four.”

  1. oh jane, so precious. I love that girl… she is truly handpicked and sent to the perfect little family.

    that picture of myla holding her is so sweet. i especially love the diet coke in the background right after giving birth! haha

  2. How in the world have I need seen your blog before? If you are not quite sure who I am, I am Whitney's mommy *kiana's friend from school and dance* 🙂 She has spent time in your beautiful home *now I see why she raved everytime she came home and told me about your decorations* Very cute!

    I also laugh that we almost bought the lot your house is on and when we dropped off Whit the first time I about died…small world! We drive past each other at dance, we chase our kids past each other at dance competitions…life is busy, but I thought I would drop a proper hello. I also didn't realize that Sara Staker is your friend. She is a doll and I have loved getting to know her.

    I see that you are into blogging *or should I say a bit addicted* also, as I am. My blog is I am sure we will see more of each other at New York for the competition in July! Darling blog!

  3. That post brought tears to my eyes. She really is such a doll!! Happy birthday beautiful little Sela!

  4. She is such a beautiful little angel. We wished we could have celebrated with her. I will send her little gift with Ryan. He will be there in a few weeks. Ava wishes her a happy happy birthday.

  5. What great pics! I love the cupcake with the 4 on it. It makes it easier to remember which year it was. Happy Birthday Sela!

  6. Love the cute pic of Myla and Sela.
    So I am away from my computer for a week and I miss like a years worth of posts! Geesh! To sum up the following pages of posts – I love your Halloween decorations – since when did Dusty tatoo himself and what in the world does it say (I guess that is what makes it a secret language) – and very cute stationary. I swear – you must NEVER sleep. Are you a vampire?

  7. What a sweet way to celebrate your sweet little girls birthday. You always have a wonderful way of looking at life that gives me a new perspective.

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