Forget trailers…Closets for sale or rent!

Our kids have always been known to make temporary places of sleep all over the house. Whether it be in a tent, fort, on couches, “burritos” in Mom and Dad’s room, whatever it is…they would prefer to sleep anywhere unique instead of their own comfy beds. But, usually their temporary beds last for one night, two nights, maybe three. Then they return to their rooms until the next in-house camp-out takes place.

Right outside our {Dusty & Jane’s} bedroom we have a double-door linen closet.

Across the hall {about 6 feet away} from this linen closet is a single-door linen closet.

Six weeks ago, KJ decided to make his own “house” in this single-door closet and took over evening residence there. He had a large down comforter to lay on, a pillow, and each night before bed he would “read” his bedtime books there. This lasted the average time of about 2 days.

But, on day 2 of his new home, Myla decided she needed to “live” across the street {hallway} from him in the double-door linen closet. So, she found another down comforter and pillow for her bed. She went to her room to get a good supply of books to read and when KJ would finish reading his books to himself, she would read out loud to him from her “house.” I thought the entire concept of the kids using these closets as their houses was really adorable. I love their creative minds.

On day/night 3, KJ returned to his bedroom, tired of his closet and hasn’t slept there since.

The amazing thing is…

Myla is still sleeping in her closet – every night! She’s been sleeping in there for weeks!

I sometimes forget she’s in there because she wants the doors completely closed when she goes to sleep. Some nights, I hear rustling around in the closet – thud-thud, she’s been known to hit her head on the door or wall during sleep. When I ask her in the morning if she remembers hitting her head/knee/etc. She never does! {Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep that well!?!}

Tonight, as I am still awake packing for our weekend of camping, I walked past her house {closet} and noticed she has her little blue purse packed for our camping trip, her new pocket knife included, and it is sitting right inside her house because she is so excited to wake up in the morning and be ready to leave!

She is truly a little girl after my own heart.

4 responses to “Forget trailers…Closets for sale or rent!”

  1. What is it with kids loving to sleep anywhere EXCEPT in their own beds?
    This is one of the cutest “nests” (as the Knell family calls them I’ve see.

  2. So cute! This is one of those stories that will be told at her wedding how she used to sleep in closets 😉

  3. Myla is so fun! How sweet that she would read to KJ from “across the street”. Kids come up with the best ideas! I love that she is packed and ready to go camping!!

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