for sale

this is just the beginning, folks.

my husband has agreed and so…
we are gearing up for a yard sale {i love yard sales!} around here, serious spring cleaning.

here are a few of the items that are available.

email me: jane(at)prolook(dot)com if you are interested…

these handbags are all authentic. they all have mild use/wear.
coach bag #1

coach bag #2
coach bag #3
kate spade bag #4
williams-sonoma cookbooks, these each retail for at least $17.95 {plus tax} each.
I would sell them individually for $12.00 or the entire set {22 cookbooks} for $250.00
kitchen aid pro mixer like new. {I will include a couple of extra attachments I have, to be honest, I can’t remember what I have.}
i have two of these chocolate fountains for sale, from williams-sonoma, they are great quality. fun to host parties with, one with white chocolate and one with milk chocolate. Or one with cheese and one with chocolate…
pro form activator v3 {click here to see the same model, via nordic track.}
foos ball table
ping pong table {sorry it’s being stored right now, no full picture is available} this table was purchased at a Utah Jazz benefit dinner/auction and has some of the Jazz players signatures on the top. Including scribbles from Andre’ Kirilenko’s son who was two years old at the time. It also has a memo to “Pro Look Sports” from Andre’, all in permanent marker.


toddler ball pit

pillows- left to right, #1,2,3 all from Evans GateHouse {if you live local, and know what that is!}{sold}
#4,5,6,7,8,9 {#5&7 from evans gatehouse, the others were custom made.}
yes, embarrassingly, that is dust.
plant; centerpiece; from interior elements.

9 responses to “for sale”

  1. Oh mercy, mercy me! If only I didn’t live out of state, I’d come and hope my pocketbook wasn’t as slim as it is right now! 😉 But really, how much for the bags? I’m particularly wanting/dying for that green Coach bag. Oh how purdy! My Mom/siblings live in UT; maybe they can take a looksy!

  2. Caiti-I have one friend who has emailed me about the green coach bag also. As soon as I find out if she buys it or not, I will let you know. 🙂

  3. k, i want the Beach towels and ball pit prices! I know you said email but oops, i have a baby in my hands.
    Just email me back the prices.

    & HOLY COW, your not kidding about getting rid of everything!

  4. Jane you must have some big plans in the works! I can’t wait to see what you’re up to:)
    And that is so crazy about your gas leak! I am so glad everyone is safe and all is well.

  5. Jane,

    I have sent you an e-mail to your pro-look address, but I am interested in the Kitchenaid…..

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