“Footloose and Sugar-free”

“The Odyssey of my no-sweets diet by Laura Moser”
this article was on my msn homepage today,
click here to read it.
If anyone is trying to do the low-carbs/no-sugar diet…
this may bring some inspiration to you.
I can’t agree more with what Laura has to say,
It is very hard to give up sugar, but the benefits are endless and after a period of doing so, you can find a balance for eating well and occasionally enjoying your favorite foods.
I truly believe that from eating a low-sugar diet, I am less emotional, more logical, I have clear skin, I sleep well, I’m healthy, I feel good, I have lots of energy, I’m physically in-shape… this list could be very long.

Good luck! {I hope someone enjoys the article…}

7 responses to ““Footloose and Sugar-free”

  1. I am actually MORE tired when I go low carb (maybe because I’ve been on phase 1 for 2 months now!) but I totally agree with the other benefits – especially the clear skin!

  2. Hmmm… is it twisted that I read that article while sipping an izze soda?
    I don’t know if I experience the bad stuff with sugar because I have never gone long enough without to find out! Starbucks coffee sends me over the edge though (bad skin, moody, tired, etc.). Haven’t had a SBUX now for over a year!

  3. So, I came across your blog and love it. I hope you don’t mind me peeking in on you.
    Great article. It described my diet to a T. Brent and I have been eating like that for months now. He, of course, lost like 20lbs. And me, well, I’m forever in the 130’s. But it’s not about weight right?
    See ya later!

  4. whoa. i just read that. i have been thinking alot about your posts on your diet. i think i am going to start making some changes in my diet. i have always ate whatever i wanted ( to a certain degree)and never had to worry about my weight. i think it is mostly because i stay so active. i know with my age i need to start making some changes. im just scared to death about the no chocolate thing. i had to laugh when she talked about her chai tea and chocolate cravings. i like both, alot. i dont know if i am going to jump in full force right away but i am going to start making changes. very interesting. thanks for the info.

  5. Thanks again for re-inspiring me. I keep trying to talk myself out of not eating sugar. I tell myself that life is too short to not eat the things I enjoy. I think I just need to stick with it for longer than a week or two. I have definitly made some changes though.

    Baby steps, right!

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