food truck party.

Remember that day in June when we celebrated father’s day??? well, the sun came out from behind days and days of rain clouds, and we called all our friends together to celebrate the dads in our lives.

For this party, I wanted to mix traditional New England style with casual party flair. To achieve this I set the table with neutral, classy details – adding chalkboards and neon chalk markers for the kids to doodle. And! For food, we hired a taco food truck that pulled right onto the backyard lawn in the middle of the party scene! Did you know you can hire out most food trucks for private parties?!? This was an entirely new idea to me, and now that we’ve done it – it’s going to become a party essential!  Who doesn’t love a good food truck?!?

I also planned the activities to be as traditional as possible with burlap sack races. It was funny to see the bags get smaller and smaller as they were first used by the kids, then the momma’s, and last the dads! the bags were barely thigh-high on the dads! the dad’s were such good sports, they decided they couldn’t hop & could only “walk” in the bags – it was a riot!  very good times.

{with Mexican coke in hand} cheers my friends!

{other details for this party here, and here.}

{all photos by me.}

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