for the past week we have been in cabo san lucas.

if you have followed this blog for a while, you already know our family is a fan of mexico…
{see here, and here}

and, i am obsessed with instagram. an iPhone photo/social network app.

…my friend caroline from the armelle blog sent me an email a month ago sharing information about followgram. she also included a link to decor8’s post that included the following information:

“Do you use Instagram? If so, Followgram is an excellent companion. Followgram is NOT an iPhone app, but a website that gives you the unique opportunity to view your Instagram photos online. This site is great because:

1. You don’t always need your iPhone to see your Istagram photos.
2. You can share them with others, including friends who do not have an iPhone or who are not using Instagram.
3. You can also view the photos in three different ways: Diary (photos taken on specific dates), List (photos will appear one after the one, going down the page), or Grid (photos shown in blocks).
4. You can also create super duper photo albums to group your Instagram photos for quick reference or to even group them like you would on Pinterest to inspire you or to turn into a future blog post.
Here is an example of a Followgram page – this is my instagram account as seen on the Followgram website:

Another GREAT TIP is that with Followgram, you can now drag and drop your photos from Followgram directly to your desktop, open up your trusty photo editing program and create an interesting composition to save and share on your blog. Here are two examples of this:

Maybe you recently went on vacation {like us!} and took lots of your travel photos using Instagram. But you haven’t had time to connect your iPhone to your laptop to upload the images. Maybe you are using another computer. Just go to the Followgram website and drag and drop your images to the desktop on the computer that you are using and create a collage or something quickly and easily.

I love this feature. because, for the past six months i have been saving my instagram pictures on my iPhone, and then tediously emailing them to myself to open/save on my desktop. Followgram takes this huge step out of my routine! It’s also great if you use Instagram to market your own business, or you’re trying to make it big as an influencer. I’d also recommend instagram story scheduling in your case as it lets you get on with your day while your account automatically updates, rather than making sure you stop to post all the time.

“Also with Followgram, you can access the photos of other Instagram users and share your favorite Instagram photos on your blog in the same way as shown above – just include photo credits!”

what do you think? i love it! …it’s so easy to be creative with my instagram pics and to create collages using this site.

also, did you know you can print your instagram pics? look here and here! printstagram offers posters, stickers, mini books – i’m going to start a project with printing some of my instagram pics very soon – i’ll post about it when it’s ready! what do you think?

it’s an insta*fiesta!

{do you use instagram? feel free to follow me, my user name is: see_jane}

{photos/images by me, inspired by decor8}

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  1. Merry Christmas!! We hope to join you in Cabo one of these years!! Enjoy the sunshine, much LOVE from the CHILD home… miss you!

  2. omgosh this is incredible!! i am so excited can’t wait to figure this out. wish me luck, or er i may be calling you! haha

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