folding chair

oh, regina…how i LOVE LOVE LOVE you.

her new album came out a few weeks ago,
and so far this is hands down my favorite song
on the album.

no music video yet, but you can hear it below…

kiana would love to dance to this in the upcoming year,
but i fear it might show up everywhere in the dance world
and we like more originality than that…

3 responses to “folding chair”

  1. I have liked this song for awhile. I found it while looking for dance music last year and have wanted to use it ever since. Kiana should definitaly use it. It's fun and unique.

    Hope things are going good. Tell Myla I am so happy for her. That she was able to make that big decision and persue what she likes doing most. I will miss her dearly. Hopefully I will still be able to see you and her sometimes.

    I miss you all 🙂

  2. I am obsessed with Regina, she's my fave! I remember the first time I found her playing in your car CD player, I was like "nice taste jane!"

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