flower hair clips

This is an organized version of what my basement bar
has looked like the past 3 weeks!It all started when I planned an activity to make some flower hair clips with the activity day girls…

then we just kept making them…and making them…and making them…these are the “ribbon racks” we are making to pin the clips on-Now, Kiana has been making them whenever she has the time,
she has all the flower clips she has made hanging in her bathroom-
{friends & family with girls are likely to be receiving some of these SOON!}

16 responses to “flower hair clips”

  1. You are so talented!! You know i am dying to get over there and make some!
    I think you should set up shop somewhere and sell them. They are Darling!

  2. Very cute! These are one of the HOT ticket items as of late. We are making them during our Super Saturday. Too bad I don’t have any little girls.

  3. Those are so cute. They look just like the one’s in the store. I am always wanting to make some, I love doing my girls hair. Some how I never seem to get around to it. You need to show me how sometime!!!

  4. Those are darling-I made some a while ago but yours turned out a little cuter! I bet your girls love them. BTW-yes I am down in Orem every once in a while-I WILL call you so we can get together, I would like that!

  5. These are so so CUTE! I have been wanting to make some clips and headbands for Mae since she has such an amazing head of hair. So fun, I will be calling soon

  6. I love the flowers and glitter toes. I made some a while ago. It is so addicting. Too bad my daughter insists on not leaving them in her hair for more than 10 minutes. When you get a second can you check my blog? All my stuff on the right of the page is all on the bottom. Help! I have no idea how to fix it. If you have a second? Thanks

  7. What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on some of those. Ry will be in Utah next week. Could I send him over with some money and give him some of your favorites?? I’d love them. Ava’s hair is always in shambles… we totally need to step it up. Way to go. You are super creative.

  8. Wow! so Cute. Are you selling them? I’ve been making them too. I actually have a booth in park city this weekend and in Ogden next we should hook up and get your’s selling!

  9. You are so amazing! I love them. I think you went through all the hand me downs from Sela and created matching clips for every outfit. I love doing Lilly’s hair now. Now that she has some and now that they are so cute. It’s so hard to get her to sit still, how do you get your girls to do it when they are little?

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