floral prints & stripes…

a new love of mine.

i love fashion.

in fact, all things ‘design’ tug at my heart strings. passionately.

fashion design.
interior design.
landscape/garden design.
art design.
graphic design.
stylin’ my kids design.
party design.

i get thrilled very easily with all of these! and more.


my kids didn’t wear their easter clothes on easter this year…

but they did today!

kj was such a stinker!
he was wearing the most charming navy blue pin-striped bow tie…
and he took it apart during sunday school!!!
naughty, naughty boy.

i have no idea on how to get it put back together!

my little man still managed to wear camouflage under those clothes…notice the belt & socks!

we’re gearing up for an army-themed party for this guy! very soon.

8 responses to “floral prints & stripes…”

  1. Spencer took apart a tie of his and my sister Monica, who works at Center Stage put it back together…check with her! She may be able to work her magic! Good luck! The kids look adorable as usual!

  2. They are all so beautiful. I have a feeling Kj hangs out with Nathan a bit.. maybe the camo gives that away. Sela's hair is adorable.

  3. yeah, jenn, kj & nate hang-out everyday, so there is definite influence between the two. but, they've been like that for a few years & i really can't remember now, who started wearing all the camo first! KJ has always loved it because of his x-box HALO obsession, but Nate definitely wears MORE only because KJ is more easily persuaded by ME to mix it up a bit! hehe… KJ's teacher told me one day, "i saw these two boys in the lunch room hiding, and all i could see was camouflage…so i had a good idea who they were!" such funny boys! we can't wait to have Cole in the mix again!

  4. love love love those darling outfits! kj and his camo is awesome!!! I too remember him being into that sooo long ago, it's so funny how boys just love it!

  5. I love the top picture… KJ with that fake laugh of his- eyes shut. Myla biting her lip. Sela with her toes raised and Kiana in 5th position… Mom, paitiently hoping to catch them all at the perfect time… but maybe you did. 🙂

  6. I love your sweet kiddos! They always put a smile on my face! You are a really good momma!

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