flashback friday

i was looking through dusty’s photo albums recently,
and came across the polaroid below…

this is my husband with his niece amber, circa 1982.

my husband & amber share the same birthday. pretty cool.

amber is now a momma to the cutest little girl emery.

emery has just about the cutest-cheeks you have EVER seen.
{she looks a little like her momma in the picture above…i love it!}

darling! darling! darling!

i love looking through old photo albums, so nostalgic.


p.s. have a lovely 4th of july weekend!!!

4 responses to “flashback friday”

  1. wow… flashback is right. amber was totally my buddy… we played for hours every day! i love the bear in the background that mom made for the grandkids. one day… she decided to make it from scratch. that woman was talented…

  2. I am sure that Emery will soon love Dusty just as much as I did. Then we can drop her off with him and they can just play for hours and hours…hehe!

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