flashback friday

in honor of my baseball-filled life right now…

here is my team picture from the first year i played softball.

i love{d} playing softball. i have the most amazing memories from this team. this picture below is tucked away in a photo album i own. but it also appeared on facebook this past year, where i have re-connected with almost every one of these girls from the year we played softball together. i am a big fan of facebook for reasons like this. i have the fondest memories of my dad taking me to tournaments with this team all over the northwest coast of washington state. good times. very good times.

i beg my husband every year to let me play on a co-ed softball team with him, and every year he turns me down. the bum.

1987, me, for your entertainment – i hope you can’t guess which one i am! it’s somewhat amazing that my hair survived how many perms my mom had me get back then!


myla, 2010.

my daughter playing softball for her very first time. the exact same age as me, above. it’s like deja-vu. i love listening to myla’s softball chants and cheers. i teach her all the ones i can remember from when i played. it nearly kills me to not jump up and just sit in the dug-out with her.

myla is an awesome hitter, and plays 2nd base just like her momma did. i even own my same baseball mit from when i played softball, it says, “Jane B.” in cursive permanent marker right on the inside of the palm…myla has used it a few times to practice, but i am very sentimental with it, and in fear it will get lost, i don’t let it leave home. 😉

dusty, my husband, owns/founded/is the CEO/President of Pro Look sports {the BEST custom team sportswear company for on-field/on-court teams, fyi.} for years now, every time our kids play on a sports team, he donates SWEET uniforms to their team. this season, he did the same thing for myla’s softball team. they are the SHARKS, and he made these awesome teal/navy blue jerseys. complete with the girls’ names on the back. a home and an away set.

when the girls wore their awesome uniforms to the first game. A random Dad from a different team complained to the city that his daughter’s team didn’t have nice uniforms, and since then we were told our team had to wear their orem city softball tees and are NOT ALLOWED to wear the custom team uniforms. {that were free!}

pretty much, “johnny has a Popsicle and i don’t” story.

lame. i was so frustrated.

dusty even offered the other teams uniforms at COST, they could get sponsors, or put together a mini booster club to pay for them…

nope. no one wants uniforms. they just don’t want OUR GIRLS to look better than their girls, so they can’t wear the cool uni’s.

i’ve been so frustrated i quit taking pictures at myla’s games… so, the only two pics i have so far are the cute ones above of myla after she got a ‘walk’, and when she’s on 3rd base about to come home and score.

she’s wearing the cool uniforms.

i may be biased, but i think she’s got the cutest bum in her softball pants on the whole team!

4 responses to “flashback friday”

  1. She does have a cute rear end! You have a great butt too so she must get it from you 😉 That's pretty lame about the uniforms. They turned out so awesome!

  2. which one is Jane??

    darling uniforms for Mylas softball team!! That is so lame that you couldn't wear them.

    I am glad to see you protested~wink

  3. Myla is such a stud! I play second base too. I always knew I really liked her for a reason. We like so many of the same things:) I can't wait to watch my girls play!

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