first day of school

The excitement of the first day of school was in the air this morning…

Everyone was happy to be awake {except Momma and Papi} and really looking forward to their day. The kids were so excited to be back in uniforms! They looked so cute!

Dusty & I took all the kids to school together, dropped them off, took some pictures and had some errands this morning. At about 10am, I got a phone call from Kiana from school. She needed a digital camera. Evidently, we were the only family who missed the note or request to bring one today because her class was working on a photo essay. How cool & fun does that assignment sound?!?

So, I ran one over to the school for her – can’t wait to see what her results are with her essay…


KJ & Mrs. Harken

Myla & Mrs. Allen

Kiana & Mrs. Shumway

I miss them already, but I know they are having a great time. I’m planning special treats for when I pick them up – so fun!

5 responses to “first day of school”

  1. Oh they look so adorable! I LOVE Kiana's Hair and Kj of course looks Great
    I hope they do good today! At least Boston has Myla & Brogan that he knows really well.
    I am making after school treats too.

    Can you believe Hayes & Olivia start their school tomorrow!

  2. They look darling! I LOVE Kiana’s hair too, what a cute cut on her. I hope they have a wonderful day. My girls start on Monday and I am missing them just thinking about it!

  3. Dont you love the whole uniform concept! THey look so cute! It has been a lonely week at my house. I miss them, and I miss the chatter an noise. Enjoy little Sela!

  4. What an exciting day! I love their uniforms. I hope they all have a fantastic day and year!!
    Sela is officially the princess of the house – at least during the day!

  5. I love that we are all back at Ivy Hall! I hope it’s a good year! I miss Mrs Harken already – I love her!

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