it’s true. i love fireworks just as much as kids do. fireworks are one more great way to celebrate how much i love the US of A. i could go broke making trips to the fireworks stand. especially when i watch my little man spending hours in the driveway chasing parachutes. lighting smoke bombs. throwing pop-its.

on saturday evening we gathered with our neighborhood on a nearby hill, snuggled in blankets and watched the big fireworks from stadium of fire.

on sunday evening we did our family fireworks in front of our home with friends.

on monday afternoon we did daytime fireworks.
KJ had the coolest BIG parachute firework that sent 35 parachutes into the air!

then on monday night we gathered at a friends home to do family fireworks, again.

you’ll notice in a couple photos below, my myla is in pink, front and center with her lighter & the boys…that’s my girlie-tomboy, she loves hangin’ with the boys!

i’m trying to master my night time sparkler-photos, my attempt at a heart is below…

2 responses to “fireworks!”

  1. Very FUN Fun night… Thanks for adding to our fabulous 4th of July weekend! You are the hostess with the mostest my friend!!! 🙂

  2. OK – the sparkler pics are SO cool! And Cayden Morton looks 6 feet tall! Geesh! I miss all you guys!

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