festive packaging

packaging with antler, disclaimer- no reindeer were hurt in the wrapping of this gift, via seejaneblog

antlers and gift wrap via seejaneblog

artificial succulents as gift toppers via seejaneblog

birch sticks as gift topper via seejaneblog

christmas packaging via seejaneblog

::Thank you:: to EVERYONE who came to my gift wrapping class last week at Gatehouse No.1!!! It was wonderful to have such a big crowd, and so many beautiful, smiling faces when I was sharing ideas for this season.

A quick re-cap: I like to use part of the gift as the topper on the package. It’s like gift-anticipation-overload! A couple of ideas: antlers are a hot item in home decor right now – choose a nice coffee table book for someone, and then tie the antler on top of the package – when it’s all open they can put the book on display on their living room table, AND the antler!

Another idea: I adore succulents, but artificial succulents are even easier to take care of! Choose a unique piece of pottery or a vase as the gift, and use artificial succulents on top of the wrapped package. When it’s all open: they have the plant & pottery ready to use!

Lastly, go outdoors and find natural elements to use on your gifts – like birch sticks. Small pieces of pine. I’ve been pinning lots of ideas lately on my “packaging” pinterest board – check it out!

Happy gift wrapping, friends! ‘Tis the season!!! xo.

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