felt headbands

our kitchen counter ~ all weekend…myla made some felt headbands to “sell” at school this coming week. Her class has been earning fake money for good behavior, good work, etc.

the plan is to have a class store full of their own items to purchase from one another to wrap up an economics unit. hopefully they learn well and this next generation can make sure the economy doesn’t get in the mess we are in now – again.

one of Myla’s “rolled” felt flowers headband
i had to get in on the action & create a few too-this project was temporary and is not going to take-over our life unlike the last flower clips project.

maybe you feel the need to update your own hair accessories…and don’t feel like creating your own…check out this, these, and this on etsy!

4 responses to “felt headbands”

  1. So cute. We did hair stuff this weekend too. Hmmm, maybe I should post them. Think covered buttons, so cute and easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

  2. What? I didn’t even know his class was doing something like this. I love these! They are so gorgeous!!

  3. how fun! she should set up her own etsy store…

    and you know i’m a sucker for ann’s headbands. i own a few myself!

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