feliz ano nuevo!

…and that ends my spanish vocabulary.

{it consists of about four greetings.}

we rang in the new year, on the beach in mexico.
with rich delicious food, live entertainment, and sparkling decorations.

as we talked about life, under the palm trees, with the glow of the moon…
we made another grateful note on the this-right-here-is-good tally.

and, my heart always does a skip at that moment…
the moment that the clock strikes twelve,
that the new year begins.
and i’m kissing my man.

i passionately believe in new beginnings. {and kissing, for that matter.}

cheers to 2011!
it’s going to be whatever you make of it.

dude, make it awesome.

i am still planning my new years resolutions.
discussing them with our family.
i see a trend in them so far, many items on the list include simplifying.

and, some resolutions are already underway –
i’ve been home-cooking/cleaning/organizing/starting new projects and purging the house of items we don’t need for days.

what are your resolutions?
{maybe they will inspire me…}

6 responses to “feliz ano nuevo!”

  1. bahahaha!! love dusty's comment.
    kissing is never a bad thing!

    love your new years, you guys all look so beautifully tanned!

    happy new year!!

  2. so glad you had an amazing time in mexico, but super happy that you're home. i missed "my jane" (as max would put it.)

  3. hi jane i just linked to your blog from becky's so i could put it on my reader. you have a beautiful family! i'm so excited you will be coming to book club..

  4. 10 goals for 2011 (from dusty's desktop)
    1. Listen to children better
    2. Think before responding to them
    3. Be punctual
    4. Plan and prepare better
    5. Execute plans better
    6. Call a friend/ family member once a day that I wouldn't normally talk to
    7. Don't text and drive
    8. Focus on one thing at a time
    9. Sweat EVERY day
    10. Have an engaging conversation with Jane once a day asking at least three poignant questions, finding at least three things that I'm genuinely impressed with from our conversation and relaying those things to her with affection.

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