fedoras in cabo san lucas.

if you are traveling with the rhodes family – specifically, me. there is a good chance i might convince a beach vendor to let us borrow eleven fedoras. then i might line you up, and ask you to march in a straight line across the sand. + a little booty shaking. in front of lots of people.

just so i can play with the pictures and create* something like this:

fedora par-tay!

…we just arrived home from our annual pilgrimage to mexico. ten days of family time, and relaxing – we are now ready to conquer what lies ahead! cheers to good friends, sunshine, and fedoras! do you travel over the holidays? or prefer to stay home?

*i was given the photo-editing-action i used on these photos + learned how to create slide shows like this at blogshop! pretty dang awesome if you ask me!

{photos by moi. this is not a sponsored post.}

10 responses to “fedoras in cabo san lucas.

  1. Jane….I love it !!! You are so amazing at your comouter skills and vision !!! Thank you for “making” us do this…our poor boys, they really were such good sports !!! This is so fun to watch !!! Love you my dear !

  2. Ps…Scotty says “good job, that’s awesome” !!! I think he was confused on what the outcome of walking across the beach in a fedora smiling at a camera in from of from of LOTS of people was going to look like. 🙂

  3. Hi there

    I found your blog sometime ago, and loved reading it. I’ve forgotten how I found it, and then you went private and I was happy for you and your family but I missed reading it (I always comment on blogs I read now. NOW, tonight I discovered it isn’t private any longer! Oh the hours I’ve just ‘lost'(not really lost as I’m over the moon to be able to read your blog again), I was meant to be working, but spent a happy hour catching up with your blog.

    I love your craft ideas, parties and energy for life! I hope you and your family are well. I’ve liked your facebook page and look forward to continuing to read your blog while it remains open.

  4. LOVE the picture!! how in the world did you do that? i love that you go to all these blogging conventions and keep updated with EVERYTHING! but i wish you lived closer so you could help teach me!

    I can totally see you asking to borrow the fedoras too! haha

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