Father’s Day Barbeque

Enrique & Cody were in charge of the grilling, thank you for doing such a great job! I had the meat ordered from Classy Cuisine, it was a beef tenderloin covered with an herb rub and sliced. hmmmm, it was mouth-watering good!
Sela, hanging out poolside with her Big papi
Most of the kids, poolside

Sela, stealing/sharing grandma Pat’s food
Sela was taking bottled waters out of the case and giving all of them to Enrique,her new buddy…

volleyball tourney
I want to give an uber big shout-out to everyone that came and shared the holiday with us, we love you all, thank you for the friendships you extend to our family.


13 responses to “Father’s Day Barbeque”

  1. How fun!! Looks like you had a good turn out with a lot of fun! You guys always do give a good party though. My girls still talk about your fun new years eve party.
    Happy Fathers day to Dusty.

  2. Thanks for all the fun! We totally missed the family photo op! And Geoff was actually there and having fun! You were a great hostess as always.

  3. Wow Jane! That was way fun! Thanks for the invite. You have a beautiful family and really terrific friends!

  4. Hi Jane, I just saw your comment on my blog…thank you SO much for thinking of us, you are so sweet! It looks like an awesome party I am sorry we missed out. You are one amazing hostess, it looks like it was perfect, what a blast!!

  5. so much fun! glad you had your camera. thanks for inviting us, maybe next time ry will be able to come.

    see you tomorrow!

  6. It’s so fun to see people in your blog that I haven’t seen for a long time. (Good to know they’re alive and kickin’!)

  7. Cute pictures. You are so cute to host all your parites. Also I love the ear thing. Very interesting. I love your little fountain area. Can I come get a family picture in front of it? I also thought the post about your Dad was darling.

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