father’s day 2012.

Father’s day was full of sunshine, good food, good friends, and lots of love for our big papi. Like last year, we gave him a blurb-blog book. This was 2008, so we’re only 4 years behind. It’s magical looking through those pages, and seeing all the memories. Makes every minute I spend taking photos, editing, writing – so incredibly worth it.

We cherish our papi. He has always been a hands-on dad, involved in everything that goes on in our home. He works so hard and takes such good care of us. I love all the little things he does – last month he took sela to our neighborhood diner for breakfast, then let her walk next door to the toy store and pick out a puzzle. Then they walked to the park, sat at a picnic table and put together the puzzle under the trees and sunshine. When they came home and sela told me about their morning -it melted my heart. Sweetest daddy ever. we are so lucky. I hope you all have special men in your lives, and you were able to celebrate their goodness this past weekend. xo.

photos via my instagram feed, you are welcome to follow me @see_jane.

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  1. Jane – I am dying over Kiana’s hair. HOW do you create those GORGEOUS buns?! I have long thick brunette hair and I would love to recreate the look. Incidentally, I would also love to be cute, young, and in shape like Kiana too, but I’m sure there are no tips for looking like an adorable 14 y.o. when you’re 30. . . 🙂

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