family time…

i can’t say this enough – one of the best parts of our washington trip was how much time we spent together as a family + how much time we spent with extended family. from here on out, we are going to try and plan 10-day road trips as a part of every summer. it was priceless.

my kiddos thought aunt sue’s house was an amusement park between the wildlife, cool greenhouse, and the dog that would play with them for hours — they were in heaven!

did you “drive” on your parent’s laps when you were little???

while driving —
big papi: stay in the lines.
sela: oh! i get it! this is just like coloring!

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.
-Michael J. Fox


my sisters greenhouse really got me thinking about gardening, and greenhouses in general. I would be the happiest woman to get my fingers back in some dirt this next spring. i’m pinning inspiring images here.

{photos by me.}

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