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i get asked all the time, how do you stay organized with so many schedules to accommodate? how do you keep track of everyone’s daily activities? today i cover this topic over at Boston Mama’s!

As the queen bee of the family, how do i keep it all organized? For starters my heart beats to to-do lists & calendaring and that is what keeps our active family functioning like a well-oiled machine. The key to my organization – a large family calendar. Mine is a classic franklin covey beauty. I also use lots of notes – post-it notes for daily to-dos and notes on my iPhone for shopping lists/reminders. In order to combine everyones schedules together, i must be able to see an entire month at a time. So, this is the only area of my life that technology has not taken over completely. long live the pencil & paper!

My personal, most useful tip is to schedule everything that happens out of the ordinary. Meaning: if your kids get out of school early on wednesdays, and that occurs every week. Write it on the calendar for every wednesday, “early out day.” Don’t expect yourself to remember that detail. Plan on forgetting. This way, you always have a note to remind yourself what goes on each day of every week.

To read all of my tips, go here!

how do you stay organized???

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4 responses to “family calendar organizing tips”

  1. I am all for organization tips. I’m off to Boston Mamas to read the article 🙂

    Also, pencil and paper are so important for those days when you completely lose your digital calendars (lost my calendar on my iphone this summer and I never felt so lost in my life!).

    Thanks Jane!

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips! I am all about the paper planners…gotta have a month at a glance and with lines. I’m going to try using my iphone more for daily to do lists. : )

  3. Jane, I had to laugh when I saw your calendar and sticky notes. My kids think its funny and call me old fashioned because I still use the ‘month at a glance’ planner, and sticky notes with lists on them. I love being able to see the whole month….maybe a left over teacher planner habit, but it works for me! Technology is great, love my phone and laptop, but sometimes the paper and pencil just feel good too!

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