So I woke up this morning and had to just lay in amazement at what a wonderful husband I have. Seriously, I took a good 15 minutes and just thought about all of of his amazing attributes- A great dad, a great husband, thoughtful, creative, spontaneous, handsome, charming, smart, industrious, strong, visionary, ambitious, helpful, always happy, clean and tidy, athletic, kind, brave, protective, funny, trendy, cute, generous, etc.,etc.
Ok, so he needs some work in being punctual, cooking and listening/ remembering… but he tries and succeeds in so many other areas like helping me with my blogging! 🙂

2 responses to “Epiphany!”

  1. That was Totally Dusty blogging – but I’m sure Jane agrees. I didn’t know your blog was up and running. I’ll put a link on mine. It’s really cute, Jane. You did a great job, as always!

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