embroidery hoops

I saw this idea on a blog, and for the life of me can not find who/where it came from now… I would like to give credit where credit is due, so if anyone stumbles over a post similiar to this but in a sewing shop – let me know!

This was so easy, and I love how it turned out. Even better, it was so inexpensive to do! I purchased 9 wooden embroidery hoops from Roberts for about $12.00 total and used some fabric I had and purchased a couple new small pieces… I put the fabric in the hoops, tightened them up, trimmed the excess fabric and hung them up – how easy is that!? On the blog where I got the idea, she did hot glue the fabric in place but I didn’t bother with that step. It seems to be fine. And, my wall in my laundry/hobby room is darling now!

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  1. So cute. I also saw this idea used in a scrapbooking magazine. They had added pictures and some words as well. love it.

  2. Cute! I bet we’ll be seeing them in Pottery Barn soon. Thanks for posting this…I’m always looking for cute and inexpensive!

  3. Ok, I haveto admit when you were describing it on the phone, I was not envisioning it being early so cute! Way to go Crafty Lady! 🙂

  4. so, I love that idea!! You have the cutest decorations!!! You need to come and help me with my house! 🙂 Where did you find them??

  5. Okay, I went back and read your entire post…I got too excited because it was such a cute idea. I think I might try it this week. Did you just buy your fabrics at joanns?

  6. K that is so darling. How simple. I just might do that in MY laundry room…I’ve been looking for a good idea.

  7. Cute!!! What a fun idea. My parents decorator recently put fabric in frames too. It looks so cute. Ill have to catch up on reading your blog. We were gone for 2 weeks. Lots of blogging to do….

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