Elf on the Shelf PRIDE FESTIVAL

Tis the season for Elf on the Shelf! Our elves Mr. Bean & Ruby had twins a couple of years ago. This year when they returned they had a note that said parenting makes them lazy and stated that they would only be moving every Friday. (win-win!) This past Friday they moved and had a PRIDE FESTIVAL!!! What a perfect time of year to be celebrating PRIDE!

If you’d like the two printables for this idea they are available in my shop! Each printable is $5.00, I realize this is more than the standard $1.00 I charge but it’s for a good cause! If you purchase either one of the pride festival printables (or both!) the money will all be donated to Encircle, an LGBTQ+ Youth & Family Resource Center located in Provo, Utah.

I am one of the art program hosts at Encircle and this donation will help keep our doors open in the upcoming year!  It’s a good time of year to give and LOVE LOUDER!  And, it would make me so happy to have these printables shared all over the internet. Pin them on Pinterest, please include them in a round up of Elf ideas, any way you can – just use proper credit and links to here. You will be helping buy supplies for my art classes, helping to give someone a free hour of therapy if they want it, and helping to keep the love going in this incredible house.

For the garlands – I simply cut out the rainbow triangles and using sticky glue dots (ZOTS) I stuck each one on a red pieces of yarn. I like that it looks festive & pretty with the rainbow. Then I tied them to the tree branches.

For the rainbow glasses, I recommend using an x-acto knife to cut them out, then also using one ZOT behind the center of the glasses – just stick them on your elves nose!

Here’s a peek at what is included on each printable:


Printables designed by Lindsay Stoyan. Graphics quotes via Encircle. Photos by me, Jane Rhodes.

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