eighty and sunny…

where we are.

{greetings from mexico.}

we are spending our afternoons by the pool, at the beach, by another pool, by another beach, by another pool, by another beach. repeat. repeat. repeat. {for two weeks!}

life is good.

life was best for my moosey when we discovered they had set-up new soccer goals down on the beach.

her birthday is next week, and she is now requesting we play sand soccer all day for her!

the sand crab,
caught by big papi,
created some big smiles from our little munchkins…

my funny honey.
he truly always has me laughing…

while the kids and i had been drawing in the sand,
and they were all yelling,
“mom! look at this! take a picture of this! now me, over here!”

husband takes his turn,
“hey babe! take a picture of me too!”

i turn around to see this:

i died.


this confirms it. true love!

my perfect little vacation combo:
iced tea, sunscreen, word search, and iphone: wha-la!

{miss twelve likes this too!}

sparkles is becoming such a good swimmer!
she loves pool time with big papi…

i believe, this christmas-away-from-home-thing is working for us so far.
we have found this perfect mix of warm winter vacation mixed with traditional home christmas.

the candles burn making the rooms smell like christmas trees.
while swan bath towels, laziness, and toes in the sand fill our days.

i’ve been collecting decor to bring with us here,
to create a mexican-inspired christmas atmosphere.
the banners i found here, and here.
our tree, and other decor we found locally.

i love our evenings here with the patio doors open,
a warm breeze flowing through our rooms with the twinkling lights and golden glow.

a typical morning;
breakfast sitting on the hot tub,
then a little time spent in the hot tub!

{in the background: the tip of baja california…}

…besides all the shrimp tacos, carne asada tacos, nachos, and cheese quesadillas… our two favorite foods on the beach are sliced cucumbers with freshly squeezed lime, sprinkled {or drenched!} with chili pepper and fresh mangos sliced on a stick!

can. not. get. enough!

we tried and tried to build a sand – snow man but we could not make it past the second big ball of sand…
it kept falling apart.

so, this is what i came up with…

our contribution to winter, via cabo… with a little red sox flair!

kj and myla love the ocean, they hardly stop for a minute.
we just watch them, side by side, go and go and go…

little miss four is terrified of the ocean.
no, that’s an understatement.

she is horrifically TERRIFIED.
won’t even sit near the water within about 50 feet,
will NOT let big papi carry her near the water.
so we find her a nice little spot and take turns chillin’ sela style.

we’ve spent two evenings snuggled up, catching up on our ‘glee’ episodes…
loved the gwyneth paltrow episode, the wedding show,
AND of course – the Christmas glee!

in fact, it’s playing {again} as i blog,
myla wanted to watch it twice!

love this picture, my blonde hair amongst my three brunette beauties…

the view from our patio as we end our days…
a back drop of ocean, sand, and lighthouses as the sun drops away.

the anticipation of christmas is getting crazy around here,
there are requests every day,
“Mom, is it christmas today?… Today??? TODAY???”

every where we look… we witness the season.

10 responses to “eighty and sunny…”

  1. Freaking fabulous!!! I was thinking that you guys were missing out on all of the beautiful snow we are having until I saw this post. I be jealous! 🙂

  2. wow! it's beautiful there! so jealous!
    i think santa needs to do me good next year and take me away for christmas …

  3. HOLY COW I'm so jealous. It looks so gorgeous there and sounds like you're all having a fabulous time!

    Feliz Navidad, Rhodes family!

  4. yEEoWZA!! now you are making me want to go to mexico for Christmas!! LOVE the pictures, holy crap it's beautiful there! Love the christmas decor and LOVE LOVE LOVE that dang mango on a stick! I want one so bad! haha

    Could your family be any cuter? They are all so adorable. i am loving all the pictures and hope you continue to blog…
    Much love and kisses to you while we are covered in snow!


  5. How fun! You have now convinced me to plan a Christmas vacation as soon as my kids are old enough to enjoy it. I'll have to hire you to be my personal packer and planner though. You thought of everything. Have a great time, and Merry Christmas!

  6. Jane, I've been reading your blog for at least a year and I just LOVE it! I love seeing all the fun things you do with your children! Keep up the blogging! you are awesome!

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