was beautiful.

we attended church services with our friends at Christ evangelical, Myla still continues calling it the “rockband” church. The kids were convinced the easter bunny was not coming, so they were thrilled when baskets and eggs appeared on the back porch in the afternoon. We had a delicious family dinner, and some of us took naps all afternoon. Seriously, could it be any better? {we are all now getting to bed at 1am, due to naps!}
The easter bunny, instead of sending the kids on their traditional scavenger hunt twisted things up a bit this year. They each had a colored basket and their eggs were color-coordinated depending on the child…Kiana was green, Myla was yellow, KJ was blue, and sela-bela was pink. They each had to look for 16 eggs in their color and it took some of them quite a while – the easter bunny was pretty sneaky…

9 responses to “easter”

  1. Jane, i love their outfits!!! Myla’s skirt is darling.
    Looks like a wonderful Easter, i LOVED our weather!

  2. I am usually a “lurker” I have loved your diet tips…But I had to comment on your girls dresses…OMGosh…so cute!!

  3. is Sela’s dress from CrewCuts? It is the same pattern as the J Crew skirt that was part of MY Easter outfit yesterday. Super cute : )

    (we watched the Sox over Easter dinner too-and the Masters. Um, maybe i had easter dinnner at the Cheesecake Factory. Shhhh.)

  4. Your kids look SO cute!! What great pictures you took too! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, it was so gorgeous out!

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