easter eve.

the easter bunny was full of surprises this year. with a little tradition too. everything was still color-coded, meaning each child was assigned a color & that meant they only hunted for eggs that color. this keeps things balanced & friendly, in a competitive family.

the kids were screaming with delight, which means husband and i were smiling at each other with super-delight. evenings like this make me feel settled. like i am right where i am supposed to be with who i am supposed to be with – and all is well.

our kiddo’s kept taking breaks to count how many eggs they had found, they each had 22 eggs to hunt for—

four kiddos running with flashlights…darting in every direction! “an egg! there’s a pink egg! there’s a blue egg! hey! over here, here’s more!” it was beautiful chaos. husband and i kept pausing to hug, our moments to soak in the goodness… or we just like to hear sela say, “ewww! gross! they’re kissing!” hehe…

kj kept returning to the letter from the easter bunny –
he was re-reading it to see if there were any clues or info. he missed…

kiana had a few challenges finding her eggs, the easter bunny was very tricky… everyone {especially big papi} had to pitch-in and help her search after they had found all theirs! {i think we hunted eggs for at least an hour!}

i was pleased the egg hunt took so long. sometimes i feel that you prepare for a special event or holiday meal, and it passes so quickly that all the prep work feels slightly wasteful.

note to self: after-dark egg hunts — worth all the work.

the treasures at the end of the egg hunt. kj spotted them first!

kiana still never found one of her eggs – everyone plans on looking for it tomorrow, in the sunshine. our kids had one thing to say – repeatedly...”this is the best easter ever!” and all i can add is amen.

p.s. i love what my friend annie has to say about the easter bunny, be sure to check it out.

{all photos by me.}

14 responses to “easter eve.

  1. You are such an inspiration to me. You are such a beautiful mother, blogger and women! Thanks for so many creative ideas!

  2. SO TOTALLY AWESOME! love the color coordinated eggs so their is no arguing. looks like a fabulous easter! I love love love what annie wrote. We feel the same!

    Hoppy Easter! xxoo

  3. just came accross your blog, it is so darling! love your kids and your beautiful house and your cute easter ideas! its all so lovely! loves!

  4. We are SO doing this next year. My kids loved the flashlight egg hunt, but the color coordinating makes it so much more fun!

  5. This looks like so much fun!!! I'll definitely have to do this in the future when Laina is old enough to run around with the rest of them. 🙂 I also do the colors for each kids thing, it makes life so much more simple.

  6. i LOVE that you color code… from one competitive family to the next–this will be a must at our house! 🙂

  7. love your blog! the flashlight egg hunt is a great idea. where are the kids while you set it up? i'm definitely trying this next year!!

  8. Used your color-coded egg hunt idea this year and it was awesome. Not one child was in tears while another child had a riduculous amount of eggs – Thanks! Can't wait to try the night time egg hunt with flashlights in the future.

  9. @debbie…they are in the house, doing their things, whatever that is…keeping busy. they don't notice that big papi is gone for a while. 🙂

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