easter eggs

Big papi returned home from the big dance just in time
to dye easter eggs…

sparkles couldn’t wait for deviled eggs, she ate hers while she decorated them!
{sometimes with the shell-ewww!}

the finished eggs-


the post egg decorating snack…

this is an excellent snack/meal for no-sugar dieters!

if you don’t have a cake-decorator and/or deviled yoke decorator, use a Ziploc bag to squeeze the yokes back in. I use a Ziploc bag when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to wash the extra dishes.

7 responses to “easter eggs”

  1. Oh my goodness! I haven’t read your blog for like a month and there was SO MUCH to get caught up on. I’m too busy to even read it how are you so busy and can blog it! I’m glad you do though, Happy Easter!


  2. How fun! We are going to be doing the eggs this week and my kids are so excited! Your eggs are all so cute, you guys are all so creative!

  3. LOVE the eggs! Seriously how are you so creative. Can you teach me?! haha
    I knew Myla would be loving the part of decorating. Oh and Sela, how cute that she loves to eat them.

    We are doing them tonight!

  4. Myla’s eggs are extra smiley! You have me craving deviled eggs… I’ll take mine without the shells though 😉

  5. I really think you could be a professional egg decorator – those are gorgeous!

    I love your devilled eggs – I need to make some.

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