Easter eggs with bling!








11 responses to “Easter eggs with bling!”

  1. All of yours look great but YOURS are awesome! Love it! I know I will have to do this soon and am already dreading the mess!

  2. You guys are none stop. How do you do it? I’ve been excited to color eggs with Hallie, she will appreciate it this year. I love that kids bring a whole new excitement to things:)

  3. those are the cutiest eggs ever. I swear you guys have more fun then anyone I know, good for you. We could all learn from you guys.

  4. That is a TON of Easter Eggs! How fun, we love coloring eggs too. The bling is darling we are going to have to try that out this year. All of your eggs look awesome!

  5. Fun! Great pics the last week! Looking forward to Egg night with my kids… Easter is always one of our favorite times of the year.

  6. OMG How cute are those eggs! I never thought of doing bling. Thanks for the idea–Mikayla and Meg will love it!

  7. Amazing eggs! Where on earth do you buy that HUGE carton, Costco? I love that KJ did sports eggs and yours are be-dazzled, every one has their own style. Fun!

  8. Those are the most amazing eggs…ever! Please do tell how you glam’d them up. Are they sequins or ??

    SO fun!!!

  9. Okay, did I miss the memo?
    I thought Easter was in a couple of weeks. You have got quite the jump on it!
    You can make a mean batch of egg salad with the egg quantity!!!
    And, they are all so pretty!

  10. Im so glad that Im not the only one whose family colors like 500 eggs. Its so fun, and its so good for the kiddies to be creative. I love the sports ones, but I have to admit, I love bling on anything. ha ha dont tell anyone!! ps love the mints and you inspired me to get a plant. xoxo Angie

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