easter eggs.

the hipstamatic run-down of our easter egg-dyeing tradition…

maybe you all know this… but, using food coloring + vinegar/water works wayyyyy better than those little tablets you buy in kits. yeah. i didn’t know that, till this year. and our eggs are more gorgeous than eva!

i live for holidays & special events. so, easter is no exception, and i love everything…the eggs, the spring outfits, wheat grass, the pastel kitchen accessories, baby chicks {like… the real animal!}, the ham dinner.

i love pretending the easter bunny is going to come hopping right through our back yard in front of my older girls even though my excessive enthusiasm is met with rolled eyes by all. alrighty, sela appreciates it {and kj, just a little bit}. my goal is that at the end of my life, at some point of a eulogy, someone will say, “she made everything special. every last detail.”


the oil cloth mess mat i have under our project can be found here. it is the best. i use it constantly when the kids paint, play with play-doh. dye easter eggs. it makes clean-up 1,000 times quicker, and… it’s cute.

do you dye easter eggs?

side note: i have lots of soil & wheat grass seeds if any friends/family nearby would like to stop by, and plant a pot! shoot me a text, email – let me know when you want to stop by! {i will happily accept large diet cokes with lots of ice and NO lime or lemons in exchange for the goods!}

{all photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

9 responses to “easter eggs.”

  1. you are so dang awesome!!!!I just love how you make everything special for your family…right down to the last detail…you are very inspiring to me 8-))

  2. I didn't know about the food coloring! I will give it a try!

    NO DOUBT you will be known throughout your posterity for making everything special. You love your family and it shines through in all you do. 🙂

  3. I will totally try the food coloring thing this year. I dread dying eggs every year, even though my kids love it, cause every project in the granum household turns into disaster! I sometimes wonder how in the world we got the 3 messiest boys on the planet when Geoff and I are so clean and organized?
    You do make every thing so special. Your kids love it now and they will REALLY appreciate it later when they try to fill your shoes when raising their own families.

  4. We LOVE coloring Easter Eggs…I love how my comment is after my awesome SIL who DOES NOT like things like this 🙂 It is so fun though and we go through a ton of eggs…the only thing I don't love it how stained our hands get and stay. Do you have any good tips for getting the food coloring off of the skin? I love all of your pictures, they are great!

  5. kierstin – no answer for you…sorry. sela had a couple fingers that just barely came clean since our dyeing!

    have fun!

  6. You are such a cute momma. I need to get dying our eggs. I sent you a message about the wheat grass seeds and soil.

  7. we did this on monday, and it was so much fun!! i also tried the lemon juice trick in a few of them… still just ok. Olivia loved getting more creative this year with glitter!

    great pics!

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