easter eggs

this is a big event in our home,
this year, we boiled ten dozen eggs…

easter eggs of years past, here and here.

looking for an easter classroom activity? check this out.

11 responses to “easter eggs

  1. That would make the whole house steamy! If you had wallpaper I'm sure it would be peeling. LOL! I can't get over Sela's cute hair! Love it!

  2. What a spread you have! You always make the cutest eggs. I am SO not looking forward to dying eggs. I swear it takes a week or more to get all the dye off my kids hands. Easter eggs, pumpkins, gingerbread houses. Why must every holiday have an incredibly messy activity?

  3. HOly Heck! That is a massive amount of eggs to decorate. Looks like so much fun, better think about getting mine done too. 😉

  4. oh my!! i love them! I am definitely doing more eggs next time. my kids totally loved it this year and livi kept wanting to do more. Love the Garbage bag idea too.;)

  5. WOW! That is A LOT of eggs!! Your kids are so lucky, what a blast! The eggs look great…we are looking forward to doing ours this weekend.

  6. How Fun!
    I can't believe how Sela's cute hair makes her look so grown up. What a cutie

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