easter bags.

a little late in the day, but happy monday m’friends! i am still living in weekend-mode around here. quickly, before the day passes i wanted to share an easy way to gift wrap by using brown paper shopping bags —

the easter bunny left these filled with surprises for our kiddos at the end of their egg hunt. color-coded of course!

  • they were created by folding the top down, using a martha stewart 1″ hole punch – stepping on the punch with your foot helps to make it through all those layers of paper! + ribbon!

when the kiddos found these kiana exclaimed, oh look! the easter bunny shops at Roche Bros. too! {our local grocery store. the store logo is on the back of the bags…teenagers can be such stinkers!}

how was your weekend? xo.

{photo by me.}

2 responses to “easter bags.”

  1. Hi Jane…or is that Franny 😉 I love your blog you take beautiful photographs. I really like the simpleness of your Easter Bags here and was hoping to use the photo on the blog with a link back to here if that is okay.

    I wrote a children’s cookbook that includes simple ideas to give food as gifts and want to include some other fun and simple ideas on the blog.

    Please let me know if I could use it.


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