sela was hiding around our home for a good portion of the morning…

she was terrified.


she said the easter bunny is ‘sdary’ and she did not want to cross paths with it…

should it actually hop right through our house.

however, sela was totally fine collecting the pink goodies the bunny left!

the easter bunny color-coordinated the kids’ treats again this year…it sure makes the egg hunt ‘fair’ for everyone…keeping all kiddos happy. 😉

this year, when the kids noticed the easter bunny had left goodies in the backyard, they rushed to get their baskets & get outside to find the treats…

when we all returned inside for easter dinner, myla found goodies inside the house too!

that sneaky bunny…

we had a delicious-beautiful easter dinner with our family & grandma.

later in the evening, we had a few friends join us for the MLB opening day red sox game…

so, we had ham-yams-rolls-broccoli-fruit-and sugar cookies for brunch…

then, we had hot dogs, chips, and diet cokes {and, more sugar cookies} for dinner.

{yes, lent is over!}

and, the red sox won. beat the yankees 9-7. a fantastic way to start a season!

neil diamond sang ‘sweet caroline’ tonight.

‘sweet caroline’ is one of my favorite parts of a red sox game, bum bum bummm…

it was a beautiful easter here in the rhodes home.

7 responses to “easter”

  1. What a perfect day! I love how you color coordinate the kids stuff – very cute. In my house, chaos reigns supreme for all holidays.

  2. A belated Happy Easter to you all! The very scary Easter bunny is certainly creative with the color coding idea. It looks like you had a fun, exciting day!

    p.s. I love Sela's hair 🙂

  3. cute color coordinating baskets! Myla and livi's got the same owl yellow treats. Too cute…

    That game was AWESOME!! Sounds like easter was fantastic.

    Love you guys!

  4. just catching up on your cute blog! I love that you guys celebrate everything! Kiana's party was so adorable…loved the details but even just for a fun game night you go all out!

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