early spring in the fairy garden

concrete planter for fairy garden via seejaneblogWith temperatures consistently in the sixties here in Utah, Sela and I spent six hours playing in the fairy gardens yesterday. It was time to take down the festive Christmas items and be a little creative…

We decided to go with a woodland theme this time, probaby my favorite. And with a bundle of branches and some hot glue we made a homemade swinging bridge and ladder:
the making of a fairy garden swinging bridge via seejaneblog
woodland fairy garden via seejaneblog
homemade swinging bridge in the fairy garden via seejaneblog
dwarf trees in the fairy garden via seejaneblog
homemade ladder and bridge in a fairy garden via seejaneblog
mini woodland fairy via seejaneblogIs this the cutest littlest fairy you have ever seen??? I had her tucked away and was trying to keep it for Easter since she would fit so perfectly in an Easter egg – but when we were in fairy mode all day I couldn’t keep the secret from sela any longer – she now lives in a mini fairy garden in Sela’s room. (you can find or request one like her, here.)

Cheers to a warm winter! (Except, we’d like more snow in the mountains for spring skiing!) xo.

Photos by me, Jane Rhodes

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  1. Where do you find/get your cute fairy’s? Your fairy garden is amazing. I’m just new at this and hope to get some great ideas from you! Fun thing to do with my granddaughters! Love your blog!

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