also came to an end today. I wasn’t quite as sad to be done with drawing as I was with photography. At times, drawing was a bit more challenging for me. Especially when it came to people. Drawing other people, drawing myself, geeessh! difficult. to say the very east.

I feel like I can draw most still life pretty well. But, I was very very proud of this-because I didn’t draw it! my teacher did…she’s pretty good, eh?!?

But, purely for your entertainment, I will share my final project/self-portrait with you…Luckily my kids all think I am amazing at drawing, when they saw this I received, “WOW, Mom, that is sooo good!” “Momma, dat’s you!” and “that’s awesome Mom, good job!”

On the other hand, I remain very humble…because of my own self-critiquing {totally realizing how terrible it is.} and because Dusty just laughed for like MINUTES when he saw it –{please take time to laugh!}

this was also one of our final projects, we had to choose an object, draw it in abstract form, and it had to repeat itself or a portion of the shape at least five times in the composition. We could use any paper, medium, and color was optional. I used my favorite umbrella as my object-These were a few of my favorite sketches from my sketch book from the second half of this semester- KJ’s toy toolbox was my personal fave…that’s it. I don’t consider drawing to have a direct relation to graphic design, so lets hope some of these don’t foreshadow my designing future…

I also had my Art history final today, I think it went well. loved the class. I will be going to school this summer for the first block, then I’ll still have EIGHT weeks with my kids before we all go back for fall. I’m taking another Art history class and a 2D design class. I have a whole FIVE days break before they start…I will be playing with my kids – taking Kiana fishing on a field trip tomorrow, and then balancing spring cleaning with relaxing. {sigh}

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  1. aah Jane that makes me crave getting back into art. good for you! very impressive chicka!! (and thanks for sharing the self- portrait, you crack me up 🙂

  2. I usually scan pictures then read text, and I can tell you honestly that when I saw your self-portrait I didn’t laugh at all, not even a little. I was an art history major at the Y, and you had to take some visual art classes, and the drawing classes kicked my butt, it was hard! So, I was actually kind of impressed. But for some reason when I then read that it made Dusty laugh, then it made me laugh….really hard. Oh, good for the soul. Thanks. (but I love your photographs!)

  3. hey i swear i commented on here!
    LOVE your Self Portrait! 😉
    Especially the one your teacher drew.
    I would love to draw, i cannot believe how talented you are.
    AMAZING, seriously & your photography has gotten so Awesome!
    I love your classes!!

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