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i continue to love every concept and assignment we work on in my drawing class. and i have logged some serious hours with my pencil and paper! i’m learning, about myself, that I really am at peace while drawing. Even if the assignment vs. time stresses me a bit at times to get things done… when I am not drawing, I really look forward to the next time I will be sitting down to do it, again. it’s relaxing and a great creative outlet.

homework assignment #3- I had to position 7 cylindrical objects in three different positions…
Most of February and early March we have been working on values. Light. Shadows, cast shadows, form shadows. Our first project was pretty basic and i’m not impressed with mine at all. it was pretty dull.
Our second way of learning value was using a white conte’ pencil to work on black paper. So, you only draw/shade what the light hits…it was harder, but awesome. my subject is a vase and horse skull, if you can’t tell…{wink, wink}
same concept, homework assignment-
our latest project we took a white piece of drawing paper, covered the entire paper with smudged compressed charcoal so the entire sheet is a dark shade of grey/almost black. Then we used various erasers to draw our subjects. I enjoyed this one, the most. This medium was very forgiving. Plus, by this point, I think my eye improved at seeing the values.
Twice during the semester, at midterm and final we turn in fifteen homework sketches in our sketch book practicing all the concepts we have learned in class. these four were my favorites from midterm:

that’s it for now…more to come!

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  1. Wow, you are really good! I am so not good at drawing so it’s cool to see your projects and how excited you are about them!

  2. Wow, honey i am so impressed with your Creative skills! Seriously Beautiful.

    Boston just said, “hey look it’s winder dairy” haha

  3. Your drawings are great. One of the many talents that I do not posses so I appreciate it more when I see how talented others are. I think if you are creative in one area you are pretty much able to do anything creative. I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

  4. Wow. Those are really good! I love to draw and am always looking for good classes. I love your stippled picture. That’s awesome!

  5. I love looking at your assignments – great work! I especially love the one where you start out with all dark space and add light. It sounds so difficult!

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