dr. seuss day

Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2nd {he was born in 1904}, but my kids celebrated “dr. seuss day” at school yesterday on the 3rd with hat day and a read-a-thon.

I helped kick-off the festivities in each of their classes. First I gave everyone a “dr. seuss” hat, it was officially “hat” day so some kids chose to wear their own, but the seuss hats added to the fun. I read, “Fox in Sox,” and at times had the kids help me read the book. It cracked me up hearing them laugh at each other trying to say the tongue twisters. I had a few kids who said, “I don’t get this at all, this story doesn’t make any sense!” Then we played a game that related to the book where you sit on the floor in a circle, have a pile of socks in varying sizes {all new & clean,} and have them spend one minute racing to get on as many socks as possible {on one foot.} Each winner won their own copy of “Fox in Sox.” It was a riot! Myla held the record out of all of the classes with 20 socks, but she did get a little practice the night before when I had KJ, Myla, and Kiana pre-run the game to see how much time I should allow…

Kiana’s class-

KJ’s class-
Myla’s class- hey, if any families need some new socks these days…i could seriously take care of that for you…

also, I have LOVED the who you are comments from my blog readers. I really look forward to this weekend and a little more free time to catch up with all of you via your blogs!

{lets be serious, free time? ha! more like, around 1am I’ll be social}

9 responses to “dr. seuss day

  1. That is so much fun!! You have Great ideas for the kids to have fun. I need ideas to have a b-day party for a 1 years old. Can you help me????? Thanks Jessy

  2. Dr Seuss day makes me want to back to school!
    It looks like so much fun.
    I love the hats and the sock game – I think that one could keep my boys busy for hours!

  3. PS- Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog {especially the “pregnancy news” enthusiasm}. It was so fun to get all those comments at the same time. 🙂

  4. I love it! What a fun game! I hope that sometime soon I can spend more time in my kids classrooms! With babies, it’s a little challenging! I love that you are in there all the time!

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